About Us

My.Dewi ([ˈdɛwiː], also [ˈdauwiː] or [ˈdeːwiː]) noun: goddess;  a woman of extraordinary beauty and charm.

Launched in 2021.
We strongly believe how we look is a story we are telling the world.
Unquestionably, wearing symbolic jewellery is just a way to add to that beauty and confidence and to express who you really are. We are ought to help everyone have access to this boost of self-confidence and shine with their very own style.
MYDEWI semi-fine jewellery collection promises to emulate “affordable luxury”, beautifully created and reasonable priced, yet to make you feel beautiful, stylish, special, and confident with our jewellery collection. 
Wear a piece of jewellery that truly reflects who you are, be more comfortable which will do wonders for your confidence levels.
Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Express your quirkiness and confidence, and let us be part of your glam squad, now.
Get in babes, we’re going shopping!